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available commission types will be here to make it easier to look through!

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Terms of Service

  • Commissioned pieces are for personal use only. You may not resell or use it to gain money in any way. If interested in commercial use, please email [email protected] for a quote.

  • Rights of commissioned work belongs to the artist. Please credit me whenever in use. I have the right to use the commission for self promotion and upload it on my social media/portfolio.

  • Please let me know beforehand if you'd like to post the commissioned work yourself.

  • Commissioned artworks are digital products. No physical product will be shipped to the commissioner.

  • Prices are in USD

  • Payment will be through Ko-fi or Stripe. I may use PayPal Invoices but only if I cannot find a better alternative. Let me know if you have other preferred methods.

  • Payment is upfront. Please pay within 48 hours, otherwise I will cancel your commission. Payment plans can be discussed for orders $400+.

  • No refund unless I have not started your commission.

  • Nothing created by me may be used in any blockchain-related technology eg NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.

  • Commissions may take up to 3 months. Please let me know if you have a deadline and I will let you know if there is a fee. Rush orders will be charged 10%-50% extra.

  • Please contact me if you wish to modify the art in any way

  • Password: angelsou

  • I have the right to decline any commission. Check below for an idea of what I may accept/decline.

Can DoMay DoCan't Do
--religious figures

Commission Types and Prices

Available types for personal use

You may email commercial inquiries of any commission type to me at any time.


complex characters WILL be simplifiedcomplex characters may be simplifiedcomplex characters may be simplifiedcomplex characters may be simplified

-daifuku and manjuu are similar, but note the difference in eye styles.
-background/props at my discretion or +$5 for guaranteed props

Chibi Icon ($25)

-icon of your character
-bust up chibi
-comes with little deco
-complex characters may be simplified

PWYW (Pay what you want)

For those of you familiar with skeb, this is similar to that!

How it works:
You pay what you want and I will draw what I want according to the price paid, ranges from sketch no color to full rendered illustrations. (You may get more than what you paid for but this really depends on how much I like your character design/if I have inspiration/etc!)
Minimum: $25USD.

-please commission me my other commission types if you want more control over what you get
-default is not a chibi style, but you may request chibis
-you may request multiple characters in the same canvas
-you may reference my normal prices to get an idea of what you may receive depending on the amount paid
-no sketch wip will be shown, but you will get an opportunity to ask for edits if I missed a character trait (an earring/mole/etc)
-personal use only


VDAY Art ($143)

-2 characters only
-couple bust + 2 small chibi heads/busts
-will be delivered by Valentine's Day.
-will be vday themed