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Hi i'm yi! I also go by ro. My vtuber goes by gin/银. I love my ocs and cats!! i like to interact !! may sometimes run out of social battery...but i enjoy reading comments!!-my braincells run away mid-speech sometimes...TT7TT--currently busy and tired--I will do my best to respond within 48 hours!!!
but depending on my workload I may not have time until a few days later _(;3 || .Please feel free to poke me if I haven't responded in a week!


  • OCs i have a lot but current mains/ones i draw and talk about the most are sou and pur/their world!

  • BL/webnovels i love reading...!! fave genres are fantasy/fiction--for webnovels I enjoy mystery/horror/infinte flow! some of my favorite webnovels are little mushroom, daily disposable persona, global examination, etc etc ...I am really bad with angst and tragedy :'(

  • Games Genshin Impact, IdentityV, Dragon Nest, Blade and Soul (-- always on the lookout for a good mmorpg =o+) Ensemble stars...

  • Vtubers ...??

Ships (OCs)
I have a lot of ships with friends!! some of my mains below.

  • i prefer ship names that depict top/bottom roles. i'm open to reversible/switch (but i'd like them tagged properly) i consoom a lot of ships!! some you've probably seen me draw but i really like chongyun x xingqiu and tonton (nortonxmorton or mortonxnorton) !!!

  • i like talking to others/ about my ocs/favorite ships/characters/random things on my tl a lot. I want my tl/ig to be safe and comfy =^q^= I only drink tea with friends.

  • please be respectful I don't like drama. harassment is never ok. I try to tag everything properly so kindly steer away if it's not your cup of tea...no need to go out of your way to comment on something you don't like...oh and please don't give unsolicited critique and don't be rude (I WILL CRY

FAQ/Terms of Use

please do not copy/heavily reference/trace my art and designs/ocs!
I do not allow copying or heavy referencing my art!

Regarding Noncommissioned Fanarts

Q: Can I use your art as my profile icon/header?
A: You may as long as you credit me in your bio.
Q: Can I use your art for video edits?
A: Please ask me! Specify which art piece you want to use. Generally I allow use as long as you credit me, but please ask first. Note that NO TIKTOK EDITS ALLOWED AT ALL. If I do not respond, do not use.
Q: Can I edit your fanart?
A: No, you may not edit my art in anyway.
Q: Can I reupload your fanart?
A: No, you may not reupload my art anywhere.

Regarding My Original Art/OCs

Q: Can I use your art?
A: No, you may not use my original/OC art for anything!
Q: Can I draw your OCs/vtuber?
A: I will be happy if you do!! Thank you for liking them!! >//O//<)/ Please tag me if you do so I can see >///<

  • yes

  • no